What is funkrust?

Funkrust Brass Band is a twenty-piece brass band founded and led by songwriter, arranger and multi-instrumentalist Phil Andrews (Rude Mechanical Orchestra, Gay Panic, Apocalypse Five & Dime), with lyrics and megaphone vocals by Ellia Bisker (Sweet Soubrette, Charming Disaster). Funkrust was born in a basement in Ridgewood, Queens in November of 2014. Their sound stems from a unique blend of punk, disco, EDM, metal, funk, Balkan brass and New Orleans second line. Featuring snazzy uniforms, choreography, megaphone vocals and all original compositions, they are a sight not to be missed. 

Based in Brooklyn, Funkrust has performed across New York City -- in small clubs and big public venues, in parades and at festivals -- to universal acclaim. Outside New York City, Funkrust has performed in Boston, Kingston NY, Trenton NJ, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, and at Mysteryland USA, on the iconic grounds of Woodstock. Funkrust shows have been called "wonderful," "EPIC!" "awesome," and "off the chain, transcendent" by commenters on Facebook.

Funkrust released their debut album, Dark City, in 2017.


“The apocalypse inches ever closer and trust me, YOU WILL NEED THESE JAMZ WHILE IT ALL BURNZ DOWN.”

- Michael Kammers of MK Groove Orchestra on BONES AND BURNING

"It’s an upbeat album that is easy to sing along to, but more importantly it’s easy to dance to. The biggest problem the record has for the listener is that it makes it impossible to not want to catch Funkrust live and in person right away."

- rBeatz review of Dark City

"Funkrust Brass Band waste no time opening the album with their signature song, Funkrust. Catchy tuba bassline underpinning its rat-a-tat trombones, cinematically rising trumpets and undulating groove, this mashup of Balkan brass and American funk sounds like an even more epic version of iconic Brooklyn band Slavic Soul Party."

- New York Music Daily on Dark City

"Prior to hitting play limber up your hips, knees and most importantly ankles as Funkrust Brass Band take the listener on a journey that demands much of the lower joints in a roughly twenty five minute, seven track, release of unrelenting strutting dance."

- Emerging Indie Bands preview of Dark City

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